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Last Manual Page Changes Made On 11/25/14

Last Auto Update 2:58p 11/26/14

The Tabular Data Between the Fire Danger Image and the Lower Ticker (Opposite) are Manually Updated Frequently-Usually At Least Daily Except January. Table and Current Precipitation Will Usually be Reported Daily By 9:30 a.m. MST/MDT.

All Other Data (except sky condition above) are Updated Automatically 24/7/365 Every 5 Minutes Including Precipitation. The Automatic Rain Gauge Has a Winter Heater Which Will Show Current Precipitation Readings Except During Extremely Cold, Windy, and Dry Snow Conditions. Next Day/Later Corrections will Often be Made.


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My Independent Precipitation Expectations, if Any (90% accurate when given-precipitation may only be a trace, 82% accurate for measureable precipitation).
Additional Precipitation Probable By 11/26.
(Date, if given, may change as time approaches.)
Station  Forecast

Snow, Precipitation, Fire Danger, and Drought Information

For afternoon of day indicated.  Updated about 1:10 PM.
2014 Temperature Deviation From Normal (Degrees F); 2013 -0.6 0.9
Sheridan Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) 0=Wettest, 800=Driest; Adjective Rating 313 Mild
Big Horn Mountains Approx. Avg. Snow Depth (Inches) as of 11/25/14 & Last Year/Avg. 12.1 16.3/12.7
Sheridan Snow Depth as of 11/25/14 (Inches) & Last Year/50+ Year Average 0.6 T/1.0
Sheridan 24 Hour Snowfall (Inches) Through 8:00 AM Today
Season (7/1-6/30) to Date Snowfall (Inches) Through 11/24/14 & Percent of Average 12.7 105%
Average Season (7/1-6/30) to Date Snowfall (Inches)-Through 11/24/14 12.1
Evapotranspiration On EOS (Inch) EOS
Precipitation Year to Date (Inches) Through 11/24/14 and Normal 13.58 13.38
October Precipitation (Inches) & Percent of Normal 0.29 20%
Normal October Precipitation (Inches) 1.41
2014 Precipitation Through October (Inches) & Percent of Normal 12.82 100%
Normal Annual Precipitation Through October (Inches) 12.78
Wettness/Dryness & Current Trends (SPI) 1 Yr. & 4 Yr. (+3.00=Wettest, -3.00=Driest) 1.27 dn 0.34 dn
Precipitation Deficit 1999 Through 2013 (Inches) -7.00
Current Weather at Sheridan ,WY

Current Outside Temperature Outside Temp History Outside Dewpoint Outside Humidity

Dewpoint History Outside Humidity History

Current Wind Direction Current Wind Speed Current Wind Chill Current THW Index

Wind Speed History Hi Wind Speed History

Barometer(SL) History Temperature at Console Storm Rain Total Current Rain Rate

Precipitation History Today's Precipitation Monthly Total Precipitation Yearly Total Precipitation

Soil Moisture At 8 Inches-Unirrigated Soil Temperature At 8 Inches-Unirrigated

W at 0.0 mph
1027.8  mb & Steady
Today's Precipitation
0.07  in
Precipitation Rate
0.00  in/hr
Storm Total
0.38  in
Monthly Precipitation
1.14  in
Yearly Precipitation
13.96  in
Wind Chill
THW Index
Heat Index
Today's Highs/Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

29.8F   at   10:58a

27.2F  at    6:13a

High Humidity

Low Humidity

89%    at   6:39a

74%   at   2:03a

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

27.0F   at   2:28p

21.0F  at   1:55a

High Wind Speed

9.0 mph   at  12:04a

High Barometer(SL)

Low Barometer(SL)

1028.3 mb   at   9:44a

1026.1 mb  at   3:29a

High Rain Rate

0.01 in/hr   at   6:00a

Low Wind Chill

24.0F   at  12:00a

High Heat Index

30.0F   at  10:40a

Sheridan, Wyoming Area Climate Data
Normal and Average Climate Data Normal Average
Big Horn Mountains Approx. Avg. Annual Snowfall (Inches)-Only Seven Years In Average 150
Big Horn Mountains Date Of Maximum Snow Depth 4/4
Sheridan Annual Snowfall (Inches) 63.6 69.2
Sheridan Date Of Maximum Snow Depth 2/10 1/31
Sheridan Annual Precipitation (Inches) 14.08 15.15
Sheridan Annual Temperature (F) 45.9 44.6
Sheridan First Freeze (32 degrees)-National Weather Service Data At Airport 9/20
Sheridan Last Freeze (32 degrees)-National Weather Service Data At Airport 5/19
Sheridan Yearly Wind Speed (MPH)-National Weather Service Data At Airport (No Trees) 7.3
Sheridan Yearly Wind Speed (MPH) At This Location-Last Seven Years Only (With Trees) 1.7
Sheridan's Windiest Month Is April-(MPH) National Weather Service At Airport (No Trees) 9.8

Notes:  Big Horn Mountains snow information is derived from U.S. Government SNOTEL measurments.  Sheridan snow measurements are derived from a combination of NWS (National Weather Service), Cooperator and, for more than a decade, my measurements.  Sheridan precipitation and annual temperatures are derived from the same sources as the snowfall.  Where my measurments have existed for several years, they are used in lieu of any other records for that period of time.  In some cases, data from only NWS as well as records including my data, may both be shown for comparative purposes.  Averages include all data collected.  Normals are averages of 30 year periods which end at the end of the last decade.  I.E. the current normal period began in 1981 and ended in 2010. Fire Danger computations are made at 12:00 Noon Mountain Time for the afternoon of the current day. They should only be used for general information as values can change rapidly depending on specific locations and especially rapidly changing wind conditions. Open terrain with higher wind speeds may raise ratings by an entire rating category.
EOS=End of Season.